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Офис: г. Ташкент, ул. С. Машхадий, 210
Технический офис: г. Ташкент, ул. Талабалар, 3а

Scientific Production Enterprise “ASU-Engineering” LLC (Uzbekistan, Tashkent) was established in 2003 by specialists of the Institute «Algorithm-Engineering» for the introduction of new automated control systems of production processes. Now it is the leading enterprise in Uzbekistan for innovative development of automated production management systems.

We develop:

The main structural units of the company:

Types of works:

The total number of employees is 22 people.

Used hardware and software

Used hardware: controllers, instrumentation and devices (Russian or western-made by Siemens, Honeywell, Rockwell companies as agreed with the customer).

Applicable software: our own software products developed on modern information technologies:

— SCADA «Integrator» to create integrated process control systems, ADCS;

— Distributed Control System (DCS) «Energy» to create automated systems for integrating energy;

— DCS «Telemehanika» to create PCS of substations (remote control system, protection systems);

— Automated control system (ACS) «Park» for complex automation of trade parks oil, oil products.

From 2003 to 2017 we developed and introduced more than 50 competitive import-substituting automated process control systems, based on modern and advanced software and hardware:

«ASU-Engineering» LLC has all necessary licenses to perform the design and commissioning works.


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